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OKLAHOMA STATE CONSTITUTION- I would like to see our state constitution rewritten to reflect the brevity and the brilliance of the United States Constitution. When it was written in 1907, the Oklahoma Constitution was the longest governing document in the world.


POLICE SUPPORT- Unequivocally, yes! The defund police movement is an unoriginal attempt at a Marxist takeover of our country. It must be opposed.


CRIMINAL JUSTICE- I believe that the final solution to all crime is a change of heart and support the utilization of Christian faith-based and privately-financed programs to reduce recidivism and for the treatment of drug offenders as an alternative to prison as stated in the OKGOP platform.


STATE BUDGET & TAXES- Any budget shortfall is fundamentally a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The answer to any budget shortfall is reduced spending. I believe that fewer regulations and lower taxes will result in increased economic activity and thus increased state revenue. I support the elimination of the Oklahoma state individual income tax for every citizen as stated in the OKGOP platform.


EDUCATION- As an educator, I am very interested in education. I support education in all forms: public, private and home education. I understand that each child is unique and deserves an education that fits that uniqueness. There is no one-size-fits-all in education. I believe educational choices should be left in the hands of the parents, not the politicians.

I oppose the imposition of national curricula, testing and data collection. As a home educator, I understand that teaching to a nationally mandated test is not conducive to learning. I believe specific curriculum choices should be made at the local level.


HEALTHCARE- I support a free-market health care plan. I support the individual's right to refuse health insurance. I oppose nationalized medicine.


BUSINESS- I believe that revising corporate laws and regulations to encourage business and economic development while reflecting free market principles will attract new industry to Oklahoma as stated in the OKGOP platform.

I believe that Oklahoma would lead the nation in economic recovery with the elimination of ALL virus-related restrictions. Becoming the only state in the nation with a commitment to NEVER shut down and to leave health decisions in the hands of the individual citizen would encourage many businesses to take the risk necessary to achieve success.


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