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Dr. Everett Piper endorses Wendi
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Wendi is a selfless giver. She approaches challenges with a steady resolve and campers truly enjoyed her daily contributions at camp.  As a mother, volunteer, leader, and friend I highly recommend Wendi for District 11.  

Jennifer Hayes
Executive Director, Camp Courage

Wendi has always been a staunch supporter of freedom, which is evident not only in the way she guides her family but also in her dealings with others in a group setting.  She is fair, loyal, supportive, and an incredibly hard worker.  District 11 would benefit greatly from having Wendi as its representative!

Darryn and Lisa McGee
Directors, The Choir Company

We have known Wendi for many years and we’re pleased to see that she is running for office. She is doing this for all the right reasons- to serve.  She saw the need for someone who will represent the values we share, and she stepped up to volunteer. These values we believe are those shared by most people in Oklahoma regarding freedom, personal responsibility, and the proper role of government. We are confident Wendi will serve with integrity and she will not waver or compromise regarding the standards and principles we would all like to see from those who represent us in government. She is what we are looking for to serve.

Dr. Eric and Kristi Schluter

Wendi Stearman



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