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Wendi was born in Norman and raised in Broken Arrow and Piedmont. After the separating from the Air Force, Tom and Wendi were able to settle anywhere and they chose the rolling hills of Washington County in 2007.

In 2020, Wendi ran for House District 11 to be a voice at the State Capitol for the individual Oklahoman. Our district is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-freedom.  Wendi has consistently stood firm and uncompromising in defense of rights recognized and guaranteed by our Constitution.


After just ONE term in office, Wendi has been ranked the most conservative member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and has passed the most effective pro-life legislation in the history of the United States. When Governor Stitt signed Stearman’s HB4327 into law, clinics in Oklahoma ceased performing abortions.


Representative Stearman has introduced legislation:


Wendi has proven that she will courageously stand for the most basic rights of Oklahomans and she will never back down from the fight!


The State Capitol is not the place to go “make friends”. It is the place to work hard to protect the rights of the People against the “Government Machine”.  


Let’s send the only PROVEN conservative back to Oklahoma City to continue the unfinished work of defending the individual citizen against the Administrative State!

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